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Purple Haze! Iconic Samba plus more classics from Spezial

Just the two new items this week, but they're both eyebrow raisers! The Silverbirch are the last of the three summer spezial trainers for us to stock, but they're definitely worth the wait.

Denver in disguise

Based on the vintage runner called the Denver, the Silverbirch have been given the spezial treatment from the usual team. The design has been messed around with slightly and so has the colourway, but the end result is a fantastic looking runner with a perfect light blue upper.

420 time

Way back in April, Adidas released a special pair of Samba for national weed day (20th April). The design has several references to the plant, for example a velvet purple upper is a reference to 'purple haze' and they even have a special stash pocket for some crafty storage.

And finally..

I'm sure most of you are aware of the Adidas Blackburn launch, including the 200 pairs of special edition 'nightsafe' version. There's currently a raffle going on to raise even more money for the nightsafe charity, so if you fancy having a go at winning a pair of the 200 then read the picture below. All you have to do is paypal the money across and you'll be in with a chance.


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