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Spezial pick-up spanning three years of different collections

We've got another assortment from the Spezial collection this week, with two newly added trainers, a restocked trainer and a jacket back in stock as well. We're trying to keep things interesting by including some newer models as well as some older ones, which are much harder to find now. We'll kick-off with the newest of the lot, the 2023 version of the Hochelaga SPZL.

Hoch Restocked

Releasing this year as a follow-up colourway to the original, the newest Hochelaga SPZL continues the Montreal theme by using another of the original colourways. Although similar to the original, the light blue stripes have been ditched for a more vibrant yellow.

Harmony back on the shelf

From the most recent release to one from 2020, we're now stocking the Adidas HRMNY SPZL again. Around the time of the launch, Torsion technology was back in fashion and a lot of ZX models were coming out. Like so many Spezial models, this pair is based on an obscure vintage pair, which has been tweaked for a modern release.

Abenstein SPZL

A bit like the Hochelaga, the Abenstein SPZL has received a second iteration with a hefty gap in between the first and second releases. For this 2022 version, the material has changed to a light and shiny nylon, making it an ideal warm weather option.

And finally.. a few more Yabisah

Sold alongside the Abenstein in the same 2022 collection, the adidas Yabisah SPZL have been one of the more popular recent trainers. Released as a re-issue of the Austrian made classic Ibiza, the design has very few tweaks from the original.


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