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The Brussels have landed! Plus another City Series lookalike

Early 2019 brings a re-issue many have been waiting a long time for, the Brussels. The famous black and orange colourway is available now, along with a Gazelle which looks very similar to another City Series pair, the Athen. Both have good size runs so tuck in.

2019 City Series kicks off

2019 will see a number of classic City Series trainers re-issued, some for the first time. The Brussels fall into that category, having not been in production since the 1970s. The re-make is based on the West German version with the dimple tongue and gum sole. **Please note they size big so take a half size down on your normal size**


Classic colourway for the Gazelle

We haven't had any Gazelles added for a little while now, so it's fitting to bring them back with a fantastic colourway. This pair looks almost identical to the Athen despite being a Gazelle. Definitely a cheaper alternative to sourcing an actual pair of Athen!

Gazelle Blue/White

And finally.. keep a look out for Spezial restocks in the coming weeks, especially the most recent release


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