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Three sets of Earlham and a champion Grand Slam

As the US Open is getting under way, we've taken tennis as our theme this week for the new collection of stock on site. The Adidas Earlham make up the majority with three brand new colourways, and the final pair is a new colourway of G.S, more commonly known as the Grand Slam.

Argyle themed Grand Slam

Our opening shot this week is one of the more well-known tennis classics, the Grand Slam. The shoe has been re-named G.S for licensing reasons, but the re-issued trainer is much the same. This model even has a snazzy green and orange argyle patterned lining.

Adidas Earlham - the new tennis classic

The Earlham may not be brand new, in fact the vintage trainer the model is based around is from the 1970s and was called the Gaea. However, since the first modern pair in 2019 there has been a wide ranging general release, making them one of the most popular court inspired trainers in today's world.

The Earlham have been released heavily with white leather uppers, which isn't exactly a surprise when coming from a tennis background. We are however stocking one of two non-white pairs, which is the all-black upper model below. The shoe is still made from the same soft leather, and the Stan Smith white midsole remains the same.

The final pair of the three is a more classic white upper version, with a brown / nude heel tab. Although similar to the Stan Smith, there are a number of differences with the Earlham such as the perforations on the toe-box, the proper leather stripes and the much softer leather material.


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