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Two Tennis classics plus a return to LA

With Wimbledon round the corner now is the ideal time to be stocking a couple tennis icons, which are the G.S Court and the Earlham. Neither go above the £55 mark, and nor does our other new model this week, a new colourway of LA Trainer. We've also restocked a couple more sizes from some recent additions, including the popular Gazelle "Blondey".

Black and Red LA Trainer

The LA Trainer are one of the most commonly re-issued pairs from the Adidas archive, with good reason! This recent batch have featured a huge range of interesting colours, including this red, black and white model. The LA Trainer were first launched way back in 1984 for the Olympics, and 38 years on still look the business.

Grand Slam Action

Alongside the Stan Smith, the most famous Adidas Tennis shoe is probably the Grand Slam. We bought back the original G.S a few weeks ago, and we're now stocking the G.S Court from an earlier launch this year. Both pairs feature white leather uppers and a thick rubber outsole, although the designs are quite noticeably different.

More Earlham Variation

The Adidas Earlham have been a mainstay for 2022, and are leading the line in the white leather department. We've added another version to go with the two others still available with us. This model is a 'pure white' rather than off-white, and has metallic silver side writing.

And finally.. more Gazelle and Lone Star State!

A couple of restocks to bring you from some recent additions to the website. Firstly the Gazelle A.B "Blondey", which sold very quickly when we first bought them in. A good size run is now available once again.

The second pair is the inaugural pair from the new Adidas State Series, the Adidas Lone Star! Inspired by the Wild West of Texas, the shoe has a City Series vibe whilst focusing on a new area of the globe.


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