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Winter Sale is here! Plus Malmo Net SPZL restock

It's the time of year to be cutting back those prices. Things are no different with us, as we've reduced over half of our entire store. As usual, don't expect massive reductions as we think our prices are pretty reasonable in the first place anyway. If sales aren't your thing we've restocked the popular Malmo Net SPZL, one of the highlights of the Spezial calendar year. Tuck in!

Winter Sale

There's a huge range of items we've got on sale, and enough variation so there's something for everyone. As always, stock and sizes are limited so it's best to move quickly!

Our Picks: Sale Items

As there's quite a bit to get through, we thought we'd highlight a few of our favourites that need to be snapped up whilst they can. .

More Spezial stock - Malmo Net SPZL

One of the standout releases from the most recent full Spezial launch, the Malmo Net SPZL are based on a super rare vintage model. The shoe unsurprisingly has a mesh upper, leather stripes and suede overlays.

Leather Gazelle Vintage

Another new product this week sees our first ever Gazelle Vintage with a leather upper added. This classic white and black version has the other usual Gazelle Vintage features, such as the heel flap and heavy midsole.

And finally.. more Jeans and ZX 8000 Lego

Lastly for this week is the restocking of two more recent models, the Jeans in Green/Blue and the Lego ZX 8000 in Yellow. The Jeans especially have been very popular since their return to the Adidas Originals' line.


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