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First started from Manchester in 2015, Dassleresales has been one of the leading suppliers of rare Adidas trainers which are difficult to find through online or high-street retailers. Originally only on eBay, Dassleresales has created their own domain to make transactions easier for customers, whilst being able to cut prices.

By having the best stock and prices all in one place, Dassleresales is a popular destination for all Adidas fanatics; whether you're after a re-made classic or a modern creation Dassleresales should have something you desire. You may be looking for a specific model which may not currently be in stock, but this doesn't mean it won't ever be, even if it is years old.

Alternatively, you can contact Dassleresales directly at and see whether they can find a pair for you!

We take pride in putting the customer first, whether it be a specific delivery time or extra care when wrapping; all you need to do is ask! As seen in our feedback, many people have been very happy with our service and would recommend us to all. We aim to dispatch within 24 hours of purchase, to ensure you aren't waiting long for your delivery.

Finally, please feel free to contact us! You can email us using or phoning 07545601992. Alternatively, you can use social media- our twitter and Instagram is @dassleresales, both of which offer very quick replies.

A message from the manager

Unsurprisingly, Dassleresales spawned from an original love of Adidas which started as early as 7 years old. By 14 it turned into an obsession for everything 3-striped and in particular the classic trainers. I have a modest but ever expanding collection at home, which I'm more than happy to show on request.

I started Dassleresales not to profit off my favourite brand but to share it; I love what I do simply because I enjoy being involved with so many pairs of trainers! I aim to create more Adidas fanatics like myself with Dassleresales, so that the streets are fully lined with three stripes. I hope you find what you are looking for on here and come back for more one day!

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