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A trio of Hamburg! Three fantastic new colourways new this week

The adidas Hamburg have become one of the most well-known and loved of the City Series collection, in part due to the relentless releasing of a vast array of colourways. This is no bad thing as it means we've had some crackers over the years, like the three we've added to the shop this week. Those with a sharp mind will remember the dark green pair we stocked a couple of months ago, which naturally sold out within a few weeks.

Reverse colourways of Hamburg kick things off

Adidas are rarely averse to creating a colourway and then using the same colours in a new pair, with the panels reversed. You could call it lazy design, but if the colours chosen are as good as the two chosen here it's hard to blame them for doing it.

The Hamburg were first bought back in 2014 with the release of the original navy and white colourway. What followed directly after was a deluge of different colour options and materials, for the next three years. There was then a short break in production before the more recent batch started in 2020. Always keen to combine popping colours with a crisp gum midsole, the Hamburg have clearly survived the test of time.

And finally.. the third of our trio!

The final model of Hamburg is one we've stocked before, and is more toned-down compared to the other two. Featuring a dark gum midsole and metallic gold detailing, this pair is perhaps better suited to the current time of year.


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