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adidas Spezial arrivals part three

For our third and final week of Spezial releases, the focus is completely on the clothing range and specifically the most recent AW23 collection. We've added everything from winter jackets to cargo track pants, so there should be something for everyone. There are more new items than the selected collection here, so it's worth giving the shop a proper look to see the full collection.

Banktop Hoodie

This is the second time the Banktop SPZL has been given a run out, and this time the colour has changed to a shade of a night navy. Unlike the sweatshirts, there hasn't been a huge range of hoodies of any kind to choose from in the Spezial range, but they remain just as popular.

Another new SPZL Coat

The Spezial jackets have a familiar feel to them, even if the designs aren't exactly identical. This Moorfield SPZL features a two-tone design and bungee-adjustable waist, which has been seen on other Spezial jackets. Please note that the jacket isn't a proper waterproof and also has the usual crazy sizing. At least one size down from normal but two might be necessary.

Knit Track Top

The Spezial collection is no stranger to a trackie top, but this Lawton SPZL is slightly different by featuring a knitted style feel. The rest of the design has been kept very simple, although there are two 'hidden' front pockets for a bit of practicality.

Track Pants two-ways

To go with the track tops are some lovely track pants, to really feel like you're kitted out. The Rossendale SPZL are more like cargo trousers, which have a wide leg and a lightweight feel. The leg is also on the long side which is worth thinking about if you aren't the tallest. We also have the Suddell SPZL Track Pants available, which match up with the Suddell Top from last week.

And finally.. hats!

The week wouldn't be complete without the Spezial hat collection, which features both the brand new cap and beanie hat. The cap comes with some ear flaps for extra warmth in the winter, which are fleece lined and can also be tucked in if you aren't feeling them.


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