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Another big blue City Series and the aqua ZX return

Following on from the release of the 2023 Berlin re-issue is the 2023 Dublin, which is another firm icon in the City Series ranks. This isn't the only thing of excitement this week as the equally iconic aqua colourway is back on a ZX model, this time the ZX 8020. To cap it all off there's a ZX 10,000 C and Jeans 'Cordura' restock.

**Important information - all orders from now onwards will be sent on Saturday 24th June, this is the next dispatch date due to a staff break. Apologies for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding**

2023 Dublin

Released quickly after the Berlin, the adidas Dublin are back once again in their original blue and orange colourway. Similarly to the Berlin, the re-issue has taken design cues from the Romanian made vintage model, which features a plain suede tongue.

More ZX Aqua

Anything ZX related that features a light blue or 'aqua' colour always gets the pulse racing for ZX fans. The original ZX 8000 in aqua is a well-known icon dating back to the 1980s. This ZX 8020 version is slightly different both in name, materials and even the colours have been altered a bit from the original.

Jeans in Cordura

Here's a trainer lots of you will be familiar with, the Jeans 'Cordura' in the olive green colourway. Released as part of a small collection of Jeans with the alternative Cordura material, the new feel has been popular due to better durability over the usual suede. The 'one-tone' colourway complete with metallic gold detailing is never a bad look either.

And finally.. ZX 10,000 C in white

For the second ZX model of the week, we're bringing more sizes of the ripstop ZX 10,000 C. This model is rare for not being covered in several different colours, and the slight change in material. The ZX 10,000 C are out of production now so best to pick them up when available!


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