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Double Indoor Comp trouble including the 2018 Spezial model

We've got another ultra rare trainer back in stock this week, with the return of a 2018 release! The Indoor Comp have now been bought back for a general release, but the Spezial model will always be king. The next best alternative is the 'Peel Moat' version, which has also been added this week. Finally, more 2021 Jeans and Cord complete the line-up.

2018 Spezial

This is certainly one from the archive! We've got a few pairs of Indoor Comp SPZL available, which were one of the highlights of 2018 Spezial. Part of a small collection of Indoor trainers, the Indoor Comp share the same tooling as the Indoor Super and Indoor Kreft, both of which were launched through Spezial.

A homage to Stockport

Stockport isn't a likely destination for trainer related inspiration, but this model of Indoor Comp has gone for it and got some ace results. The Peel Moat name relates to a now shut down sports centre, and the colours may link to the football team Stockport County. Design wise, the leather toe-box on the original has been swapped for a white mesh.

Restock of popular Jeans

Back in stock this week are the red/navy Jeans, released last year. One of the most popular colourways of Jeans, the red version was also one of the original colours used in 1975 for an Austrian vintage model.

And finally.. a few sizes of reverse Cord

Lastly for this week is the addition of some Cord 'Reverse' pairs, which were part of the re-launched Cord pack last year. Not only have the colourways been reversed from the original Cord model, the materials have been changed too. The suede upper has been replaced with a leather one, with suede overlays to boot.


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