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German cities of Frankfurt and Hamburg plus brand new Jeans

Another colourful combo of three stripes this week, with last year's Frankfurt re-issue returning and a new dark green Hamburg. We've also added a pair of Jeans with the fabulous Cordura upper material, a new colourway of Gazelle and even a restock of the vibrant ZX 8000 'Strawberry Latte'. Enjoy!

Velcro Classic is back

The Adidas Frankfurt is always a controversial topic in the trainer world due to the Velcro fastening instead of laces. If you look beyond the straps, the design features a dark blue suede upper and the same gum midsole as the Hamburg. The t-shape toe-box from the Hamburg has been re-worked on the Frankfurt to further the divide between the two.

Cordura Jeans

We've already had a taste of the Cordura material on various ZX models, and we can confirm it's a real upgrade if you're looking to add some durability to your footwear. The Adidas Jeans already have a slight edge in durability over other suede models due to the midsole, which is furthered by the fantastic addition of Cordura.

Core Black Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle '91' edition keep coming thick and fast, which isn't a bad thing when it's colourways such as these. It's worth noting with this model that the upper material is quite coarse, don't expect a soft suede upper. The gum midsole and silver detailing add a nice finish to the design.

Green and Gold Hamburg

Colourways of Hamburg tend to be on the colourful side, and this green model is right on the money. The green upper has been paired with some yellow stripes and a gum midsole. A great price for a popular trainer, the only downside is the small run of sizes we have available.

And finally.. more dazzling ZX 8000

The ZX 8000 is no stranger to bright colours and whacky ideas, which has been portrayed perfectly in this ZX 8000 'Strawberry Latte' release. If you take out in the insole you'll find a recipe for a Strawberry Latte drink, which is novel but might not be the most practical place for it! We've added a few more sizes to the range this week.


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