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Jeans two ways, Gazelle and Super LA

Arrivals this week are all about the staples of the originals' line-up, with new models of adidas Jeans, Gazelle and LA Trainer hitting the shelves. The two new models of Jeans couldn't be more different from each other, through the design, material and colourway. Finally, the new LA Trainer are part of the revamped 'Super' collection first launched in 1987

Green Gazelle

Green Gazelle seem to be the flavour of the month for us at the minute, with this being the fourth model added over the last few weeks. This version is the more common '91' edition, complete with a lovely gum midsole. White stripes, heel tab and tongue finishes the classic design.

MK II in Navy

We've had a couple of the new MK II releases in stock previously, and this next design has a lovely navy suede upper. The MKII are the younger relation to the more well-known Jeans model, which has a re-worked toe-box and heel tab. Unlike the first issue of the Jeans, the MK II haven't been handed a huge range of colourways.

S for Super

For the latest instalment of LA Trainer, adidas have turned their attention to the 'Super' version, which was originally launched three years after the first pair in 1987. Although there's not a whole lot different between the two designs, the serrated edge stripes are a noticeable absentee on the super model. The upper is mostly mesh with suede overlays, and an EVA midsole.

And finally.. a white Jeans restock

Adding both the MK II and original Jeans in the same week has meant the contrast is easy to spot through contrasting toe-boxes. We've stocked this leather version of Jeans before, which also features navy stripes and heel tab. The midsole is a light sand shade, rather than white or off-white.


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