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More Spezial restocks including a small slider collection

We're back again with mostly older Spezial releases, ranging from the Burnden to the Yabisah. All the items this week have been in our shop before, so if you were looking for something new sadly there is nothing to offer this week. We've also got a couple of sizes of SPZL Sliders back available, although only in two sizes.

A few more Yabisah

One of the more popular Spezial trainers from the last couple of years, the adidas Yabisah are based on the vintage Ibiza model. The design features a white leather upper and black detailing, with a white rubber midsole.

Women's inspired ZX SPZL

This Spezial model is the ZX 620, which is based around the ZX 602. The 602 was a sister shoe to the ZX 600, and the original release was only available in women's sizes. This modern re-take has been re-worked in both the colourway and upper details.

Summer time sliders

September may not be the ideal time to finally get some more Spezial Sliders in stock, but you have to get them whilst you can. Unfortunately only smaller sizes are available, but these will still be popular.

The white trainers continue with the Hochelaga Super

It's not a great week for vibrant colours, but we had plenty of that last week. The Hochelaga Super are a sister shoe of the Hochelaga, and have been inspired by the Handball LXS. This can be seen quite clearly through the colourway and the leather upper.

And finally.. fully stocked Burnden SPZL

To cap off the Spezial week, we've added some more sizes of Burnden SPZL, which is one of the oldest Spezial items we sell. Based around the Powerphase and Continental, the Burnden is a hybrid of multiple pairs as is the case with so many SPZL items.


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