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More ZX launches including the National Park collection

The last two years has seen a vast array of ZX models, both from the older 80s collection and the more recent 90s models. We've got a bit of both this week with four different ZX pairs, including two of three from the recent National Park launch.

Glacier Park ZX 9000

First up we've got our second pair of ZX 9000. This pair is from the National Park collection, which features the fantastic CORDURA® nylon material. All the National Park models have this material, which is far better for durability. The shoe also has lovely leather detailing and the usual Torsion midsole.

Crater Lake ZX 10,000 C

The other National Park trainer we've added this week is the ZX 10,000 C. This shoe represents the Crater National Park, which is situated on the West Coast of America, in Oregon. As with all ZX 10,000 C, a mix of suede, nubuck and nylon feature in the upper.

Another Exciting Collaboration

The National Park collab isn't the only one using ZX models, there's also been the Lego ZX 8000s. We've got the blue pair in stock, which was launched alongside six other single colour models. Subtle links to the Lego brand are made without being too overpowering.

Hazy Green ZX 420

Last up of the new ZX models is another ZX 420, which was re-issued earlier this year. This model is a sort of ZX 420 '420', as it was launched on April 20th. The hairy green suede and secret stash pocket in the tongue make this model a more unique pair.

And finally.. more chocolate bunnies!

The last thing of note from our ZX marathon is a big restock of ZX 10,000 C 'Schokohase'. Launched to celebrate Easter, the pair arrives in a special edition gold wrapping box, and silver foil for the inside tissue paper.


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