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Spezial clothing back in stock plus two AW23 trainers

This week is dominated by Spezial clothing from last year, rather than the newest collection launched over the past week. We're also restocking the Moscrop and Engelwood trainers, both of which were also from the AW23 Spezial range.

Grey Moscrop return

This is the second time the Moscrop have been featured as part of a Spezial collection, and aside from the obvious change in colour the most noticeable difference is the tooling. For the updated grey pair, the midsole has been split to feature some Dellinger webbing, which is one of the most common materials used on vintage running trainers.

Basketball inspired Spezial

For the Englewood SPZL, the upper has come from a vintage high-top model originally made for the basketball court. The midsole has been pinched from the more common Campus 80s to create a lovely white leather hybrid shoe.

Latest version of Haslingden

The Haslingden Jacket has become an icon of the Spezial clothing range, with several versions appearing across a wide timeframe. The latest design is this brown model, complete with all four front pockets for maximum storage. As with most Spezial jackets it's another large fitting, so please be aware when choosing sizes.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The sweatshirt and hoodie range within the Spezial clothing collection is always one of the most popular categories, which given the UK weather is unsurprising! We've got both the regularly re-produced mod trefoil sweatshirt and the Banktop back in stock. In both cases stock is limited and unlikely to be replenished anytime soon.

And finally.. more Spezial clothes!

The additions this week aren't just about jumpers and jackets! We're also re-adding the Graphic t-shirt and Rossendale cargo pants, both of which were hugely popular when we first stocked them in February. Finally, the Suddell Track Jacket is back but in size medium only.


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