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Spezial from 2017! Plus more suede and leather options

Wishing everyone the best as we begin week 7 of lockdown. New stock this week sees the original colourway Winterhill back on the shelf, plus more Hoddlesden and Broomfield.

Grey Winterhill

A rare find, these grey Winterhill were part of the AW17 Spezial collection, and received an excellent reception. Following on from the Mountfield, the Winterhill have taken over the mantle of being the Spezial range 'outdoorsy' shoe, all of which have been very popular. Unfortunately only a couple sizes available so they wont hang around.

Have to say the quality on the grey pair is superior to the newly released brown- these have a more premium feel and worth the slightly higher price.

Restock on Hoddlesden

We added the Hoddlesden SPZL a couple weeks ago- and were left with none in the stockroom very quickly! They're back on the shelf with a few more sizes to choose from. Following in the footsteps of the Garwen and Albrecht, the design is classic Spezial leisure range.

And finally.. new colourway Broomfield

Continuing with the dark coloured theme, we've added some sizes of the brown colourway Broomfield. Having proved popular since launching as a general release pair, the design is a re-issue of the vintage AS- 700.

Wishing everyone a good week at this difficult time and keep those journeys to essential only!


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