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Summer Sale with a Spezial flavour!

Sale season is in full flow at the moment, and we've joined the party with a few reductions of our own. As with most of our previous sales. most of the reductions are small and often on items with just a few sizes remaining. There's still plenty of bargains to be had though! As a double bonus, some Spezial items have been restocked and reduced at the same time; what could be better.

Summer Clearance

From Jeans to TRX Vintage, there's plenty to choose from in our summer sale. Prices go as low as £34.99 so there is something for everyone's budget. As previously mentioned a lot of sale items are last pairs, so sadly you'll have to hope the size gods are on your side. Click the picture for the full sale range.

Hiaven Restock

Not only are the Hiaven SPZL part of our sale, not only do you get standard delivery free of charge but they've also just been restocked! All sizes between 7.5 and 10.5 are now available. Part of the pre-spring 2023 collection, the Hiaven are the natural heir to the Winterhill shaped throne of walking shoe / trainer mix.

Another pre-Spring SPZL model returns

Although not part of the sale, the adidas Denim Italia SPZL is still £30 off the retail price. As the name would suggest, the Denim Italia has a full denim upper, which features a mix of dark material for the body and a lighter colourway for the overlays.

And finally.. clothing on sale

It's not just the trainers getting reductions in this sale period, with a handful of prices cut for Spezial clothing. The two standout items are the short sleeve polo shirt from last year's collection, and the fantastic Kearsley winter coat from the collection earlier this year.


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