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Winter European tour time- two new cities added this week

With the knockout stages of the Champions League round the corner it's only fitting to kick this week off with two new city series models, both of which are ideal for winter.

First stop: Rom(e)

We kick things off with a visit to the Italian capital, Rome. The Adidas Rom are one of the oldest of all the city series, with the first pair produced in the late 1960s. The 2019 re-issue has all the standard features; leather upper, white & blue colourway and gum sole.

Second stop: Oslo

We head up north for our next visit to the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Similar in shape and feel to the Rom, the Oslo features a black leather and yellow stripes. The gum sole is slightly different as there's no indents into the gum like on the Rom.

And finally.. new I-5923

Not quite on the same theme, we've also added a new colourway of I-5923. A favourite of people wanting a bit more comfort, the I-5923 combine a vintage runner upper and modern boost midsole.


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