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Coronavirus (Update : 04/01/21)

Coronavirus is back to a high level once again and lockdown has returned. We will continue to operate as normal with increased hygiene precautions. Some delays in delivery may occur - please be patient. 

Wishing everyone the best through this tricky period - stay safe, look after each other and follow those guidelines.


Thanks, Dassleresales

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Dassleresales is a leading independent seller of rare Adidas trainers. We have better prices than most retailers and stock which cannot be found easily. Our products are 100% authentic and have been sourced from retailers around the world. Enjoy! 

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If you have any queries about products on the website or any other Adidas shoes please let us know. If there is a specific shoe not on the website which you would like to find, please let us know! We are more than happy to help look for it and help you find the pair you love.

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