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1971 Gazelle, SL 72 and more ZX runners

Another bumper week of additions this week, with four new items added plus a TRX restock. We start with a 1970s theme through the Gazelle Vintage and 'Malmo' style SL 72, then move forward to the 1990s with more ZX runners, including the ZX 9000 'Glacier'.

OG Gazelle from 1971

You can't beat a classic Gazelle. This re-issue takes it right back to the start as the 1971 model has been used. Note the lack of trefoil on the heel tab - the iconic trefoil only became part of Adidas branding in 1972. The design is also slightly different to the other recent Gazelle Vintage, as the fluffy suede and leather heel strap have been ditched.

More bright coloured SL 72

We've not added any SL 72 for a while now so we're pleased to bring back one of the best colourways from the recent collection. This 'Malmo' style colourway has a synthetic textile upper rather than the usual nylon used on the original. Once a track star, the SL 72 have become a modern icon in the streetwear world.

National Parks Collab Restock

Moving forward to the ZX range, we've added a few sizes of the fantastic ZX 9000 X National Parks. These were part of a three pack (all of which are available through us) to celebrate the work of the National Park Foundation in the USA. Each model has a specific park in the name - this one is for 'Glacier'.

ZX 8000 Aqua.. ish

The second of our ZX models is the Adidas ZX 8000 W 'Hazy Sky', which are a very close substitute for the famous Aqua colourway. Although only available in women's sizes, we've managed to find some bigger pairs that could be worn by both women or men.

And finally.. more TRX Vintage

To complete the vintage theme this week we've gone for more sizes of TRX Vintage 'Clear Sky'. This version was launched in the summer months of 2021, and has a blue upper with a purple tinge. Available for £54.99, the TRX are a great option for a reasonably priced runner.


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