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**A announcement from us all regarding Covid-19**

Unfortunately this weeks news has led us to write an important note offering assurances and hope for the future.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

No one has experienced the past few weeks before, no one knows how to react, think or behave during these unprecedented times of uncertainty and suffering. Everyone is affected and carrying on 'as normal' simply isn't an option for the foreseeable future.

As a business, we will do our best to stay 'open' through the turbulence- we aim to complete all our online orders and will be taking extra precautions with regards to hygiene with our stock. All staff in contact with the stock will be following guidelines set out by the government, which are rapidly changing daily. As a result, order times will vary dependent on delivery companies and stock may be sporadic. If you do place orders feel free to get in touch- the situation may well have changed from the time of placing orders to dispatch.

Our business will be hit by this pandemic, as will practically all businesses across the world. Public services will be stretched and tragically not everyone will see the end of it. All I can encourage is to stay positive, look out for one another and follow the instructions given- this isn't some fuss over nothing that will go overnight.

I saw something on social media in the last week- 'You're not Covid-19 forever'- of course a play on Courteeners' song Not Nineteen Forever but does have an important message behind it- we won't be like this forever.

All the best and stay safe,


In other news.. more stock

Some new stuff to bring you this week.. firstly our first batch of Gazelle Indoor since they've be re-launched in 2019. This pair has the 'green and gold' look to them so if you fancy a pair of Liverpool but don't want shell out these are a good option.

Restocks on two popular favourites

We've also added a lot more sizes of ZX 530 SPZL and Oslo. The Oslo have been a firm favourite since launch in late 2019, as they're ideal for longs days out when the weather isn't so nice. In addition, the ZX 530 SPZL are fantastic runner from the Spezial launch in Spring 2019.


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