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A City Series icon plus something from the summer Spezial trio

It's been a while since we've had any new stock, but we're back with two belters plus a restock of a popular icon. Red is definitely the flavour of this week!

London Calling

The Adidas London were one of the most anticipated of the 2019 City Series, with its iconic 'poppy' red colourway. The 2019 edition is the third time the shoe has been re-issued, but features a red suede tongue for the first time.

In a Galaxy far, far away

In summer 2019 Adidas released a trio of Spezial shoes inspired by the streets of London. Led by well-known collector Brooksy, the launch saw the arrival of the Silverbirch, Earlham and these GLXY. Based of course on the vintage Galaxy, the design is very similar to the Clmba SPZL of 2018. We've only got a couple sizes for now but fear not, more are in the pipeline.

Whalley restock

Finally, we've added a few more sizes of the red/off-white Whalley SPZL. The Whalley were released as part of the first Spezial collection in 2019, and came in a red and a blue colourway.


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