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A Handball mash-up, Consortium Campus and a big Stapfen restock

There's a bit of an off-beat feel to the new additions this week, with some pairs that don't necessarily spring to mind when thinking about the originals range. The Handball Spezial in stock has a very significant twist, as does the Campus 80s X Kolam. The CT 86 go about their business very quietly and even the Stapfen SPZL aren't one of the headliners from recent Spezial ranges.

Stapfen SPZL

Coming as part of the autumn collection in 2022, the Stapfen SPZL are based around a vintage model called the Tramp, which was only meant for the Danish market upon release in 1972. The design of the trainer has been left unchanged to the naked eye, although thankfully a new name has been chosen.

Handball meets Marathon TR

The Marathon TR tooling has been thrown about a bit in the last couple of years with the Boston Super hybrid, and now this mash-up with the Handball Spezial. The upper chosen is a simple white shade which is made from full grain leather. The choice of material and midsole make the design a more durable version of the classic Handball trainer.

Campus gets chefy!

This striking version of adidas Campus is part of the 'adilicious' collection, which is a partnership between adidas and a range of players in the culinary world. Kolam is a Sri Lankan restaurant situated in Paris, which is also the name for the decorative patterns used on the stripes of the shoe.

And finally.. a new CT 86

The CT 86 was released onto the market quietly and without a fuss, which sums up the no nonsense former squash shoes well. For some reason only a handful of colourways have been produced, which include this mostly black version.


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