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Spezial without the stripes plus more clothing

It's a relatively small batch of Spezial this week, all of which is from the second release of 2023. The two trainers are both on the leisure shoe side of things, with the Lawkholme and Inverness both getting restocks. For the clothing, it's the usual mixed bag of track pants, polo shirts and even a couple of the knitted Lawton TT, one of the stand out pieces from AW23.

Restock of Lawkholme

The Spezial team has a history of creating models for all tastes, even if that means going a bit off the beaten track. The Lawkholme SPZL fit the mould here, by having no stripes and leisure shoe style upper. The midsole has been taken from the Micropacer, another shoe that doesn't follow the crowd in the adidas market.

Carnforth follow-up

For those that remember the Carnforth SPZL from a couple of years ago, this pair of Inverness SPZL will look very familiar. Despite the similar style, the upper has been completely re-worked through a t-toe overlay and two tiered lacing system. The solid leather upper maintains the rugged and outdoorsy feel of the shoe.

Polos, jackets and knits

The standout clothing additions this week feature the Lawton TT, Long Sleeve Polo and the latest version of the Haslingden jacket from 2023. Please note that the polo shirt is made of polyester rather than cotton, so is not the softest but ideal for those that aren't keen on ironing! As with all Spezial clothing, please be aware of the sizing that tends to be on the large side.

And finally.. Spezial Track Pants

We've added both the track pants from AW23 back to the site, which are the Rossendale and Suddell. The Rossendale are more like cargo pants, which are much baggier and have a lightweight feel. The Suddell are part of a full tracksuit set, so have a more traditional design and a fluffy lining.


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