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A mini Spezial update with highlights from 2022

We aren't stocking the newest of Spezial collections just yet, it's a little bit early for us. If last year's items were more your thing we might be able to help, with a small batch of trainers and clothes. Both the trainers you'll have seen on site before, the Yabisah SPZL and ZX 620 SPZL, but a few of the new clothing items are new additions to the site.

Yabisah Restock

One of the more popular trainer releases from the AW22 collection, the Yabisah are essentially a re-make of the legendary Ibiza trainer. The shoe is instantly recognisable due to the unusual toe-box configuration, and signature white and black colourway.

More ZX SPZL Runners

As with all Spezial releases, there is a mix of trainer types to try to ensure there is something for everyone. Therefore, there is usually something from the vintage running archive such as these ZX 620. Although inspired by the rare ZX 602 model, too much of the design has been changed to justify keeping the name the same.

Clothing: two new jackets now available

These two new jackets may well be from the same collection but they are very different in style and colour. The Calavadella is a classic Spezial design with a plethora of pockets, adjustable cords and a removeable hood. The jacket is not thick but should do the job in keeping you dry.

The other jacket now in stock is the Abenstein Bomber, which the second version of the jacket the Spezial team has done. This time the bomber is 100% nylon weave, meaning it's very thin but also very flexible and therefore comfortable. The Abenstein has the usual 'boxy' bomber fit of being quite short and wide.

And finally.. something for your legs!

You'll want something to go with those lovely new jackets, so how about some Marnach Track Pants! These are the other half the popular Marnach Track Top, and feature a crimpled stripe down the front of each leg.

The final update of the week is a couple more sizes available of the Portinatx Shorts, which seem to be very popular despite the lack of 'shorts weather' here in the UK. Certainly these are a great pair to keep locked away for a few months until it warms up.


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