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A Spezial selection Pt. 1 - past stars including Marathon & Hoylake

This week and next week will see us unload a whole heap of Spezial range items onto our site, which is very exciting indeed! This week is all about past collections, with items from the last three years all being added. The bulk of which are from 2021, which includes four of the five pairs of trainers launched in Autumn. Further back, we've added limited sizes of Wilsy X New Order, HRMNY and GLXY.

A Marathon of Spezial

The next two weeks will feel like a bit of a Marathon so this is probably the best place to start! The Marathon 86 were part of the Autumn 2021 collection, and are an adaptation of the original 80s runner. The red flash across the midsole and overlay across the three stripes are new additions to the design.

More sizes of Hoylake

The Hoylake SPZL are nothing new to us, as they've been up for sale since the back end of last year. However, we've now got plenty more sizes in stock, including some elusive size 9s and 10s. One of the more popular pairs from last years collection, these never seem to hang around for long.

Powerphase inspired Spezial

The Adidas Powerphase aren't typically associated with the collecting scene, but the team at Spezial decided it was time to give them some love. This Burnden SPZL is a hybrid shoe combining elements from the Continental 80, Powerphase and others. The 'curvy' eyestay and removal of the window box labelling make the design slightly more unique.

Rarities back in stock - Blackburn 'Ewood' and Galaxy SPZL

Next up are two pairs we probably thought we'd never see in stock again. Firstly the GLXY SPZL from the summer of 2019, which are a one-to-one re-make of the Galaxy. Available in very limited sizes unfortunately, and for those unaware these are quite a big fitting.

The second pair available in limited numbers is the Blackburn 'Ewood', which is the second iteration of the Blackburn SPZL, first launched in 2019. Although the design is basically unchanged, the colourway is dramatically different and now includes a gold Lancashire rose.

And finally.. more pairs from 2020

Just a couple sizes re-added of some 2020 pairs, including the HRMNY SPZL (sizes 8 & 8.5) and Wilsy X New Order (size 9.5). Both heavily reduced from their RRP price, these two are not to be missed.

Coming up next week.. our attention turns to the recent 2022 pre-spring launch, and the much needed return of Spezial clothing! Lots more on the way so keep those eyes peeled and keep it ///


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