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A trio of ZX and the Boston inspired Marathon TR

We're back once again in vintage runner territory this week, with three brand new ZX models and a re-issue of the first ever Adidas Trail Runner. The ZX models coming in are the 420, 1000 C and 500, which are likely to be familiar to most, as well as being incredibly good value.

Trail Running Specials

Back in 1979 these Marathon TR were at the forefront of technology and design. They were the first trail runners from Adidas, and were immensely popular. You won't see many people running in them today, but the iconic shoe lives on in a casual format. The colourway is also symbolic, giving a tribute to the Boston Marathon.

New ZX 420

From the first of something to the last of something else - the ZX 420 were the last design of ZX in the original format. This spanned right across the 1980s, before the change in technology and materials. The 420 have received the first re-issue in a while, which first began in 2020.

Colourful ZX 1000 C

Another ZX runner which was a late 1980s launch is the ZX 1000 C, which is quite similar in design to the ZX 4000. The padded mesh upper and synthetic suede overlays make these one of the most comfortable ZX designs, especially with the help of Torsion technology.

And finally.. bargain priced ZX 500

The ZX 500 one of the more well-known ZX designs, with a number of re-issues throughout the 21st Century. The most recent collection have spanned the last couple of years, and has given us a nice range of colourways.


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