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adidas Spezial arrivals part one

This week and the following two Monday launches will be taken up by one thing - the adidas Spezial collection. Across all three weeks the focus will be mostly on the recent AW23 release, which will see nearly every item added from the range. First up is a group of footwear featuring the follow up to the Hiaven and Carnforth, plus a brand new white leather trainer.

Samba SPZL in a new form

The Spezial team have ventured into the Samba model way back in 2016, and one of the models even had the same colourway as this black/slime version from 2023. The design was very different though, as this Samba is the more modern version with a gum midsole. The upper is fully suede which includes the t-toe overlay but not the tongue, which has been re-worked.

Burnden follow-up

There's a small but slowly growing collection of white leather trainers from the Spezial range, and this Englewood SPZL is the latest to fit the mould. The upper design is based on a vintage high-top model and has been given a Campus 80s midsole, which is quite commonly used for Spezial trainers.

Carnforth follow-up

For those that remember the Carnforth SPZL from a couple of years ago, this pair of Inverness SPZL will look very familiar. Despite the similar style, the upper has been completely re-worked through a t-toe overlay and two tiered lacing system. The solid leather upper maintains the rugged and outdoorsy feel of the shoe.

Hiaven follow-up

Another shoe getting a further design tweak is the Hiaven SPZL, which featured in both of the 2023 Spezial collections. The design team were so convinced the outdoor trekking shoe was going to be popular they signed off on the secondary colourway before the first pair even came out. For the second iteration the design features have remained unchanged from the first model, only the colourway is noticeably different.

And finally.. an old ZX favourite

One of the few items arriving on site in this Spezial batch not from the AW23 collection is the ZX 620, which is back available in bigger sizes only. The ZX 620 was released in 2022, and was based on a vintage pair of runners only available for the women's market. The modern take on the shoe has been released to all.


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