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adidas Spezial arrivals part two

Those that were tuned in last week will remember we're in the middle of a big Spezial dump of releases, and this week is the middle week of the three. This week sees the arrival of two more trainers from the AW23 launch, plus a range of clothing mostly from AW23 as well. Highlights include the lovely Suddell Track Top and a new colour of Mod Trefoil Sweatshirt. Enjoy!

Moscrop MK II

As has been increasingly common with Spezial over the years, the Moscrop have been launched and then re-launched in a new colour as part of a later collection. This version is slightly different to the original by featuring a split midsole, with the top half now featuring a Dellinger style webbed look. The more obvious difference is the colour change from brown to grey.

Stripe-less SPZL

In order to mix things up a bit, the Spezial team decided they wanted to create a shoe that could maintain an adidas identity without necessarily having three stripes down the side. The Lawkholme SPZL was the outcome, which has a leather upper and tooling taken from the Micropacer.

And finally.. Spezial Clothing!

This is the first week to feature clothing as part of our Spezial collection trilogy, next week will be exclusively for clothes so if you're disappointed that certain things are missing there's a good chance they'll be available next week.

The two highlights from the group this week are the new colour of Mod Trefoil Sweatshirt and the Suddell Track Top. It's important to note the colours of both items as it can be confusing depending on where you look - the sweatshirt is an olive green rather than brown and although the jacket colour is officially black, the shade is more like very dark grey.

We've also got some things to get you ready for the holidays or some warmer weather, with the latest t-shirt and polo shirt from the AW23 collection. Both have the usual minimalist designs with subtle nods to the Spezial brand, and colour choices to suit all occasions.


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