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Adidas Spezial Sliders and a whole heap of new clothing

This week is all about our favourite collection, the Adidas Spezial range. The focus is more on clothing than footwear, with seven brand new items hitting the store. As ever we've got a mixture of things from shorts to winter coats, so if you want something for now or to keep for the warmer months we've got you covered.

Adilette Sliders

The Adidas Sliders are one of their most popular items across their entire collection, and are especially handy when by the pool on holiday. This the second model created for the Spezial range, which launched the original navy model back in 2020.

Track Jacket Galore

Adidas Spezial has been churning out the track jackets in all types of designs and colours over the years, and they all tend to be popular. We've got a collection of recent models, including the brand new Marnach and hard-to-find Ewood. Stock is very limited and keep an eye out for the sizing information in the item description, the sizing between them does differ considerably.

And finally.. more clothing options

It's not just track jackets we're stocking, as we've added polo shirts, shorts and the winter ready Barrowland Coat. The Barrowland is based on the Horwich anorak from 2017, with an updated colour and some extra Spezial branding on the sleeves. The jacket is ideal for layering up for the winter months, in part due to the large sizing including some very wide sleeves.

Alongside the Barrowland are two options from the more recent 2022 Spezial collection, the Night Navy polo shirt and Portinatx shorts. It might not be the best weather for shorts, but as all Spezial experts know they don't tend to hang around long, and certainly not until it gets warmer.


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