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Blue Monday: In the City

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Every once in a while we update our City Series collection - over the last couple of years the City Series has shaped Adidas collections up and down the country. We've added five options from the 2020 collection, most of which just happen to be blue!

Koln 2 restock

Undoubtedly the most sought after of the bunch, the second coming of the Koln were immensely popular on release in September 2020. Featuring a dark suede upper and odd coloured stripes, the shoe is a re-make of the mystery Koln from the 80s.

Velcro stripes!?

Next on the list is one of the most controversial pairs, the Frankfurt. Falling into the category of 'love em or hate em', the Frankfurt have ditched the traditional lacing system for some old school velcro. The sole unit has been pinched from the Hamburg, and a navy/silver colourway has been used.

München back in the original form

It only feels like yesterday since the last München re-issue, but they another made a return for 2020. This time though more of a focus has been made to ensure a vintage feel, even down to the shoes coming unlaced out of the box.

A trip to France

When it comes to the European cities, France doesn't get much of a look-in sadly. They do however have the Paris trainer, which is slightly unorthodox with it's 'Rekord' style design. A leather upper is used with a moulded sole, and of course there's a French flag inspired colourway.

And finally.. more Barcelona

As well as all the new stuff, we've added a few more sizes (and cut the price!) of the Barcelona, first launched back in September. Featuring a chunky white sole and leather upper, the Barcelona had previously never been re-issued.

That's all for this week, stay safe and keep it ///


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