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Three brand new silhouettes plus exclusives from Size?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This week sees three new models added - not just different colourways or different names but three designs we've never sold before! On top of that there's a new colour of BC Trainer, which were of course exclusive to Size? for all the 2020 releases. Enjoy!

1964 Japan return

The Adidas Japan aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but this 2020 re-issue is about as good as they come. A full kangaroo leather upper has been used, as well as keeping the toe-box super short like the originals. We've got them a full £45 off retail so get them whilst you can!

80s runners finally hit the store

The Boston Super have always been a pair that's eluded us, despite two re-issues in a recent timeframe. Finally though we've got them and in one of the best colourways, the Navy blue. Launched in the 80s in accordance with the Boston Athletic Association, the trainer was a top of the range running shoe in those days.

Size? Exclusive SL 76

The SL 76 is another one that's been floating around for a while which we've finally been able to pick up. Launched throughout 2020 with Size?, a number of cracking colour combos have been picked. The brown pair is one of the more sedate versions, with the majority coming in bold colour palettes.

And finally.. BC Trainers are back!

We're also very excited to have the Baltic Cup back in stock, after a number of nice looking colourways coming in 2020. This pair is based around the Meran, a vintage trainer from the archives which came in a similar colourway.


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