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Another Spezial week- more pairs added from the last release

This week sees another pair from the latest Spezial range- the Indoor Comp SPZL. In addition, we've restocked some of the other models from the same range. Have a look below.

Another Indoor Spezial

Indoor Comp SPZL

The Spezial range has a bit of a history when it comes to Indoor trainers; both the Kreft and Super were big hits and fantastically made, so the Comp has a lot to live up to. Thankfully it fits the bill perfectly- the shoe has a white leather upper and suede overlays, making it durable as well as good looking.

Spezial restocks

Punstock SPZL

Complementing the Indoor Comp, we've also added some more of our old favourites from the same Spezial range. The Punstock, Wilsy and Mallison have all had some more sizes added, so you might be able to grab your favourite now. All very different styles, the latest range definitely gave something for everyone.

Wilsy SPZL


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