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AS 520, Broomfield and a rare Country gem

A proper spread of suede this week with four different suede models, a couple of which have a distinct Autumnal feel to them. There's also a restock of the yellow TRX Vintage to go with the original Gazelle Vintage, which has been restocked in a small selection of sizes. If that isn't good enough, there's a couple pairs of Country X KHAITE, a rare collaboration from across the pond.

Sandy AS 520

From the Spezial collection to the more recent general pairs, the AS 520 has always stood out as a fantastic shoe. Part of this may well be the tradition of matching the stripe colour to the upper, which has been done to good effect here with this 'almost yellow' colourway.

Actual Yellow TRX Vintage

If the AS 520 are almost yellow, these TRX Vintage are unquestionably yellow, even if they aren't quite as bright as you might think. When we first stocked these a few weeks ago they went pretty quickly, the same may well happen the second time round too.

New (old) Broomfield

This colourway of Adidas Broomfield might be a new one for us, but it first hit the shelves well over a year ago now. The upper is a grey suede, which has been matched with dark blue stripes, which have a distinctive grey tinge. It's worth having a good look at the pictures of these as the colours are quite subtle.

Country X Khaite

Adidas are known to love a collaboration project, and this exclusive match up with New York based designer Khaite is something special. Launched for the US market only, the duo launched two pairs of Adidas Country together, both with single colour uppers. Although the Country isn't an obvious choice for collaborative work, the simplicity of design in this case is fantastic.

And finally.. more Adidas Gazelle Vintage

Sadly it seems as though the Gazelle Vintage has been taken out of production for the time being, which is a shame when considering how much of an improvement in quality they are. We've still got a handful knocking around, including a small collection of this pink and white pair.


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