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Bank Holiday top ups- more Stadt, Trimm Trab and a new Handball Spezial

This late May bank holiday sees plenty of new stuff hitting the shelf; including restocks of our two favourite Stadt, the green and purple pairs. We've also got Handball Spezial inspired by our friends north of the border as well as a slightly controversial pair of Gazelle.

St. Andrew's Handball Spezial

Despite not having any Scottish references in the official name or anywhere else on the shoe, it's pretty clear where the inspiration came from for this pair of Handballs. The St. Andrew's cross has been placed across the heel of the shoe, and the mesh upper is a prominent shade of blue.

No stripes!?

What could be a controversial addition here- classic Gazelle, but without the stripes!? A pair that could be more suitable for the formal occasion, the upper is also made of a soft corduroy material which is slightly unusual as well.

And finally.. restocks o'clock

As well as two new editions we've added more sizes of some of our favourites. Both original colourway Stadt have had a few sizes added, as well as the very popular blue/pink edition of the Padiham. Lastly, the recently re-issued Trimm Trab have been restocked in the popular 'Dublin' and 'Bern' colourways.

Have a great week all and stay safe! ///


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