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Big Shoe, made for big performances

The first day of April sees the return of a popular classic, in a highly specialised form. The adidas Manchester 89 SPZL have been given some exclusive sizing treatment to fully maximise their potential. Elsewhere, we've added a luxury leather version of the Gazelle 85, and restocked two of the popular suede colourways we've had in before. To complete the Gazelle line-up, we've added another fabric tongue model in red suede.

A big shoe for big feet

One of the most popular Spezial trainers is back, but with a twist. To counteract a raft of complaints from angry customers complaining about a sizes that aren't exact enough, adidas has made an exclusive batch Manchester 89 with NINE shoe sizes between each full size. We've managed to secure sizes 13.7 and 14.2, ideal for the big footers out there. The brand CEO claims this new approach of ultra-specialised sizing should allow pub visitors to reach their peak performance quicker and sustain it for longer.

Luxury Leather Gazelle 85

Returning to more conventional productions, this model of Gazelle 85 is set apart from the rest by having a soft leather upper. The design also features some exposed stitching, which is always a popular look. Unfortunately this is one of the newer Gazelle 85 models that doesn't come with the vintage box.

Suede Gazelle 85 return in two colourways

We only added these two models of Gazelle 85 to the site a couple of weeks ago, and they went extremely quickly. Both the blue and green version are back in a good choice of sizes. The Gazelle 85 design is slightly different to the more common version, as the foxing on the midsole has been re-worked and the midsole is actually a fraction thicker.

Aside from the upper colour, the rest of the design is exactly the same between the two of them, as they both have white stripes, tongues and heel tabs. Another small difference with the Gazelle 85 version is the laces, which are a nylon weave rather than the usual fabric for the usual Gazelle.

And finally.. yet more Gazelle!

They might be a different style, but the Gazelle has fully taken over this week with another version of the Canadian inspired model with a fabric tongue trefoil. This design is not to be confused with the 'pre-loved red' colour, which although similar has a slight tint of orange compared to this truer red shade.


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