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Blue or a red? Rivalry pack causes a stir plus Spezial reinforcements

The Adidas Trimm Trab are an icon over on Merseyside and Adidas have recognised this by releasing Everton and Liverpool themed pairs. We've got them both at a cheap price!

Blue side of Stanley Park

First up is the blue and white Trimm Trab, of course for the Merseyside football team Everton. The shoe itself started off as a training shoe but quickly became wrapped up in terrace culture, hence the strong connection with Liverpool. The 2019 edition features the normal nubuck upper and leather lining.

In the red corner

Only a couple miles away from Everton's home at Goodison Park is Anfield, home of Liverpool. They of course play in red and form the other half of the Merseyside rivalry. Fresh off the back of their 6th European Cup title, life doesn't get much better for the redmen with the re-launch of the Trimm Trab.

And finally..

As promised, we've landed a few more sizes of Galaxy SPZL so there's a much wider selection now. Careful on sizing for these, as they're a bit roomy compared most. Taking a half size down like with Clmba SPZL is advised.


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