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Boost meets Racing 1! Plus a new Earlham and ZX 9020

We've got four brand new models for you this week, two of which are completely new designs for us. The Retropy E5 are a nice mix of modern and classic, which is why we had to get some in stock. The other two pairs are more familiar and gear things up nicely for the warmer weather.

Modern Racing 1

The Retropy have become of the more well-known recent releases, and have come in various forms. The pick of the bunch in our opinion is the E5, which uses the upper design from the Racing 1. For both of the colourways we're stocking have a leather upper with synthetic suede stripes.

One of the highlights of the Retropy E5 is the Boost midsole, which adds a heap of comfort and support to your feet. The midsole is also slightly thicker than the standard Racing 1, which only adds to the cloud-like feel the Boost technology adds.

More Vegan ZX

To follow up on the ZX 5020 from last week, we've added another similar pair in the form of the ZX 9020. These are also fully vegan and focus on using recycled materials in the upper. The colourway is suitably loud, with mint and purple the main featured shades.

And finally.. another Earlham colourway

Alongside the Lacombe, the Earlham have cemented themselves as white leather stalwarts made for the summertime. Our new version of the Earlham is one of our favourites, with a lovely orange/pink shade for the heel tab.


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