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Bostons, Big States and Blondey: unique icons added

We've got four brand new models in store for you to kickstart June, including some real gems offering a big helping of uniqueness. Another great collaboration from Blondey McCoy, a hybrid Boston Super and the first of a new series are all contributors, as well as a bargain pair of Atlantic MK II.

Snazzy Gazelle Indoor

The Gazelle Indoor haven't been seen too regularly over the last couple of years, so it's great to see a new pair in a slightly different form. This pair of collaboration trainers features a ripstop upper similar to the recent Winterhill SPZL, and synthetic stripes. Even the laces are slightly different due to the multi-coloured nature and the roundness.

Boston Super X Marathon TR

Now for something even more unique! This design is a mash-up of two vintage classics, the Boston Super and the Marathon TR. The upper is basically a Boston and the midsole is the elaborate version from the Marathon. Together they create the 'Boston Marathon', which coincidently is from what the Boston Super shoe originates from, in 1984.

The inaugural State Series shoe

Staying in the US, we've now got the first pair from the new 2022 series, the State Series. This shoe is to celebrate Texas, which is known as the Lone Star State. The upper is a dusty brown suede, there are red leather stripes and a noticeable gold star on the tongue.

And finally.. our first pair of Atlantic MK II

The Adidas Atlantic MK II have been on our radar since the first pair launched last year. We've finally got our hands on one of the many colourways, and it's a classic black and white affair. At £49.99 it's a real bargain for a shoe very similar to the great Jeans MK II, which tend to be dearer than this.


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