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Boston, Broomfield and flashy ZX to welcome in March

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

March is now upon us, the days are getting longer and we're a little bit closer to getting those summer trainers out! We've added a mix of stuff this week - two new runners online plus a classic colourway of Broomfield. Enjoy & a happy St. David's Day to our Welsh followers!

Second Boston drop in a matter of weeks

It was only a couple weeks ago we added the blue colourway of Boston Super - they were a massive hit and sold within the week. We haven't managed to find anymore of the blue pair, but happily we have the red/gold version now available. Launched in 1984 for the Boston Marathon, these vintage runners were re-issued in early 2020.

Cargo Broomfield

It's been a while since we've added any Broomfield, and to our delight we've found one of the best colourways! The trace cargo/khaki version was first launched over 3 years ago; they were so popular they put another batch into production last year, which were available from a limited number of retailers.

Snake style ZX 4000

The ZX 4000 fly under the radar a little bit in the ZX range, and are certainly one of the cheaper options. This specific pair is a bit different, as instead of the usual mesh upper a snakeskin material has been used. There are also glow in the dark panels to give it an extra vibrant touch.

And finally.. red and white delights!

The final update this week sees a mini-restock on two of our white/red pairs - an SL 80 and the Japan OG. Both trainers have very different styles but both equally as desirable - the mesh upper on the SL 80 adds a different dimension to the usual nylon version.

And yes, those SL 80 stripes do have an orange tinge to them but we go by the official colour palate ;)


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