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Boxing Day Handball Spezials, Gazelle and ZX 8000

We're keeping things classic this week with the addition of new Handball Spezial and Gazelle colourways, along with some restocks of various 2023 releases. The standout of which is the premium ZX 8000 'Faded', which is back in the sky tint colourway. A bold blue Gazelle and golden Bermuda make up the set this week.

Shadow Navy Gazelle

The adidas Gazelle never seem to be far away from a new colourway, even if the design has been carried out in different forms many times before. This version has a similar look to that of the Berlin city series trainer, with a darker gum midsole. The suede upper has a nice feel to it, unlike some of the rougher textures in other 2023 models.

Women's Handball Spezial

This colourway might technically be down as a women's colourway but these are likely to be a crowd pleaser with all genders. The Handball Spezial were one of the most released trainers of 2023, and despite the competition this light blue model is one of the best. The white laces are an interesting choice but work nicely with the gum midsole.

ZX 8000 fading out

The faded nature of this ZX 8000 may be showing the relative lack of releases for the shoe this year, although apparently the design aims to show a 'sun faded' effect. There are elements of the famous light blue colourway to this model, as shown by the upper colour and yellow stripes. Bizarrely expensive, we've thankfully managed to bring the price back down to earth.

A few more Bermuda

Unlike the fading out ZX 8000, the Bermuda faded into the fold for 2023, and were released in a small range of colourways. This gold version is probably the most vibrant of the lot, although the mint version which we've also got available is similarly bold.

And finally.. more Canadian style Gazelle

Another design featuring prominently in 2023 is this version of Gazelle, which has a re-worked tongue in the style of the 1980s Canadian made Gazelle. A number of different colourways have been made including this bold aqua version.


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