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Brand new City Series and two Gazelle with a golden touch

Adidas has been slightly less relentless this year with the releases of the their iconic City Series, but one model to catch the eye has been the first ever re-issue of the Adidas Triest. We've added the Italian inspired model to our store this week, along with two new Gazelle and a re-stock of Grand Slam.

Triest, the lesser known City

When people think of the Adidas City Series, the first model that pops into people's head doesn't tend to be the Triest. This might in part be because of the lack of modern re-issue, until now. The Triest is one of a few designs to have a leather upper, which is especially rare with the Odenwald midsole.

Gold touch Gazelle

These new models of Adidas Gazelle come as a pair, and both look fantastic. They follow a simple formula of a solitary colour for the upper, metallic gold detailing and a lovely gum midsole. This style is only available in these two green and blue colourways.

This '91' version of the Gazelle has been in production for a few years now, and adidas keep finding new ways to keep them interesting. It's worth noting with both of these pairs that the suede isn't the softest, which isn't unusual for this design of Gazelle.

And finally.. a big restock of Grand Slam

The Adidas Grand Slam made a comeback this year, although not in as many colourways as you might think. This white version with the green and orange argyle lining is the more vibrant of the two designs released. The shoes come with a peg key but no spare pegs.


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