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Brand new Gazelle Indoor and a new hoard of Tobacco

We've got a fresh new model from 2022 this week in the form of the Gazelle Indoor, which has made a welcome return this year. Just the one colourway has been added this week but more will be on the way. More new stuff this week includes a purple TRX, the brown Tobacco Gruen and a restock on the other Tobacco colourways.

Gazelle Indoor sees red

The Gazelle Indoor are a variation on the Gazelle from 1979, and were primarily used for indoor leisure activities. They have quite a distinctive look because of the translucent midsole, and the toe-box design. The 2022 version has been given a high retail price, which in part is reflected in slightly better build quality. We've done our best to cut the price down as much as possible.

Purple patch for the TRX

Adidas have gone slightly mad on TRX Vintage colourways this year, clearly in an attempt to make sure everyone has a couple they like. This model is a striking purple shade, which is always quite popular with adidas wearers. White stripes and metallic gold writing seals the deal.

Brown Tobacco to finish the set

We've had the first two colourways of Tobacco Gruen available for a little while, but the light brown design has been hard to find at a good price. We've now managed to overcome this, meaning all three of the first three pairs are now available.

And finally.. more Tobacco Gruen!

To complement the brown model, we've bought in the reinforcements for the other two colourways. Both the green and burgundy designs have received stock boosts, meaning you've got a full range to choose from.

The shoe itself is not just a standard re-issue of the Tobacco, as there is an environmental theme to this design. The suede is made from a synthetic material which is partly made up of recycled material. Although the suede is fake, the producers have done an excellent job in giving the shoe the same soft feel you'd expect.


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