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Brand new Tobacco and plenty of timely restocks

This week is mostly about restocks of our old stock, with three items benefitting from an increase in the number of sizes available. There's still two fantastic new models though, with the addition of a brand new Tobacco 'Gruen' colourway, as well as a trusty pair of Handball Spezial.

Gruen Go Orange

The brand new Tobacco for 2022 focus on their green credentials, by featuring lots of recycled material in the suede-like but not suede upper. We've already had a couple of these great creations in stock, and now we're adding the brand new orange colourway. Although completely animal free, the Tobacco Gruen have received universal praise for the soft finish on the "pretend" suede upper.

Another Handsome Handball

The Handball Spezial seem to be in a never ending flurry of colourways, which is no bad thing when they're coming out with delights such as this grey pair. The shoe is finished off with white leather stripes, royal blue detailing and a proper gum midsole.

And finally.. lots of restocking action

We start with another colourway of the Tobacco Gruen, which has received another batch of sizes. This burgundy pair was part of the original trio that first introduced us to the Tobacco Gruen.

More Squash Stars

Another shoe recently stocked and then sold pretty rapidly is the CT 86, which is based on an old trainer made for the squash court. The recent re-issue has been made with a more casual wear in mind, and looks the part with this mostly white colourway.

All Burgundy Gazelle

Our final restock is the second burgundy model of the week, which is the classic Gazelle 91 edition. We ran a small size run of this design a few weeks ago, so it's nice to finally get some more options available.


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