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Christmas additions- stockings full of new items available in time for the big day.

With Christmas round the corner it's probably about time to buy some presents! If you've still not got any ideas then look no further than some of our new stuff, there's a huge range to pick from including some old favourites

Blue Whalley return

The Whalley SPZL were one of our most popular shoes this year- you really can't go wrong with a bold blue upper and yellowy stripes. We've got a handful back in stock but just like before they won't be round for long!

Wrap up for Winter!

An even bigger absence are the Winterhill SPZL, a walking boot launched for the first time in 2017. At long last we've got a second colourway, and they look even better this time round. Ideal for a genuine hike or just something to keep your feet cosy. We've also managed to take a fair bit off that steep retail price so they won't be around forever.

Glowing Stadt

We've already one of the original colourway Stadt in, so we thought why not get the other as well? This time it's a 'glow green' suede upper and vibrant pink stripes. The design is new for 2019 and has already proven to be a success among the terrace loyalists.

Into the forest we go..

We love a pair of Forest Hills here and even more so if they have a fantastic white leather upper like these. This pair has a scarlett red rubber sole and silver lettering giving them an even more premium feel.

And finally..

For those buying gifts our last order before Christmas dates are up on the homepage so please have a look before buying- we don't want any disappointed faces on Christmas day..


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