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Christmas arrivals! Two new AS 520 plus more leisure shoes from Spezial

As we count down towards the big day there's still time to get those Christmas orders in, and you might need to add something else under the tree with our new stock this week! We've got two colourways of AS 520, the popular Newrad SPZL plus a couple sizes of 'Prost' back in stock.

The first AS 520 since 2019 Spezial

Back in the spring of 2019, Gary Aspden bought back the much anticipated AS 500, albeit with a slightly altered name, the AS 520. Fast forward a year and we now have the two general release colourways in stock, the maroon and the brown.

The shoe is an attempted re-make of the 1980s classic, the AS 500. However there were a couple of differences in the design between the re-make and the original, meaning they felt giving a slightly altered title of '520' was more appropriate.

The main features of the shoe remain the same - a soft suede upper is used with leather stripes and a chunky rubber sole. The design is somewhat similar to the Samoa Vintage shoe with a large front toe-bumper, and the D -shaped toe-box offers something a little different to most Adidas suede options.

A new rad? Or new trainers?

Please excuse the terrible joke. Coming as part of the latest Spezial range in Autumn 2020, the Newrad form the next pair in the leisure shoe line. Featuring a nubuck upper and sole from the Bermuda, the release has proven to be very popular, with most retailers selling out quickly. Grab yours at a discounted price with us!

And finally.. a few more Prost!

We're well aware October is behind us now but the Octoberfest inspired 'Prost' Munchen have been a year-round success. We've only got two sizes in stock, which is likely to be the last time of stocking these.

Please also note we've added the last ordering dates to get your order by Christmas, depending on location. This can be found on our homepage. Any further questions regarding Christmas deliveries please get in touch!


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