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Forest Hills and Munchen Super- vintage classics re-vitalized

Plenty of new stock to chose from this week, as two new Forest Hills drop as well as more 2018 SPZL.

Vintage Court Wear

The Adidas Forest Hills are the most iconic of the vintage Court trainers, and have been re-released once again in 2018. This week sees two new colourways available, both featuring the classic white leather upper. The design still features the iconic chunky rubber sole, as shown here in green.

Forest Hills

Back to the 1970s

The Adidas Munchen Super were first released way back in 1972. The design has been re-made for 2018 Spezial, and has come in two different colourways. One of the more prominent features of the shoe is the chunky white rubber sole, which is based on the original.

Munchen Super SPZL

Forward to the 1990s

Fast-forward 20 years to the 1990s and the rise of the Handball style trainer was in full swing. This Handball Kreft design is inspired by similar shoes of the decade, such as the Handball Top. The shoe was part of the Spring Spezial range and has an all blue suede upper.


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