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Fresh Spezial clothing including more Haslingden and 2x shorts

We love a clothing launch here at Dassleresales, so it's great to have four products added today. As always it's a mix of everything, with one jacket, one sweatshirt and two types of Spezial shorts in the frame. We've also restocked a couple trainers including a ZX 8000 and Boston Super.

Haslingden SPZL back in stock

One of our favourites this year, the black Haslingden SPZL follow a couple of previous versions of the jacket. This model has a very thin feel and of course plenty of pockets to choose from!

Shorts.. in Winter!

We realise it's not the best weather to be selling shorts, but it's still best to buy whilst you can! We've added the recently released Durrington Shorts, and a couple of Aldwych shorts for the slimmer customer. The Spezial shorts are always popular, especially the bigger sizes!

Restocked ZX 8000 'Aqua'

These may not technically be an original ZX 8000 'Aqua', but they're pretty close and certainly more affordable. The 'Hazy Sky' version were a women's only release, but thankfully we've managed to find sizes UK 8 and UK 9, which could be worn by both men and women.

And finally.. more Red Boston Super

An old favourite is back in stock once more, the red/gold Boston Super! Part of a collection of US runners from the 1980s, the Boston's are one of the more well-known pairs from a number of recent re-issues.


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