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Gifts from the Gazelle! Plus rare Jeans Cordura restock

This week is slightly Gazelle heavy, but they do come in a variety of forms which will add a bit of variation. We've got two pairs of the wonderful Gazelle Indoor and one more regular Gazelle 91, with the recently altered tongue. To top it all off there's a small restock of the aluminium colour Jeans Cordura, which have proved to be a popular success.

Gazelle Indoor in brown

The first of two models, this brown version has an accompanying brown gum midsole and metallic gold detailing on the heel tab. The material for both this pair and the second pair is a thick nylon, which has been paired with suede overlays. The shoe certainly feels more durable than most nylon trainers.

Alternative Navy Colourway

Launches alongside the brown pair is this navy version, which has the exact same specifications in design. As the name suggests, the Gazelle Indoor was originally designed for indoor leisure activities such as indoor football. The slightly thicker gum midsole helped the wearer to stay upright and change direction easily.

New tongue for the Gazelle

This shape of Gazelle has been the most common of all Gazelle models over the last few years, although the tongue has now been re-worked. Instead of the padded version, this model has a slightly thinner nylon tongue, which has a fabric trefoil attached at the top. The upper colourway is somewhere between red and orange, with the official shade going in the name of red.

And finally.. more sizes of Jeans Cordura

Any regular shoe that has been given the Cordura treatment seems to be extra popular, which is no surprise in the winter months. Both of the recent Jeans have continued this trend, so the four sizes of aluminium colourway we've put back in stock might not last too long on the shelf.


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